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*Always keep in mind the principles of the Balanced Plate:  50% non-starchy vegetables, 25% carbs and  25% lean protein. 

Here are some suggested soft foods, if you are in the need of a soft food meal plan.  Use the Retrofit Food Groups resource for appropriate serving sizes:

Non-Starchy Vegetables (50% of your plate):

*All can be pureed
Steamed squash
Canned carrots (rinse first to decrease the amount of sodium)

Proteins (25% of your plate):
Cottage Cheese, low fat
Yogurt, low fat (Greek yogurt for extra protein)
Tunafish or canned salmon mixed well with fat free mayo (or other low fat dressing and yogurt)
Nut butters - peanut, almond (2 T per serving)
Ricotta Cheese, low fat or fat free
Carbs (25% of your plate):
Steel Cut Oats/Oatmeal
Whole grain cereal, softened in fat free milk
Mashed Potatoes (skinless) - mixed with low sodium chicken or vegetable broth
Canned peas (rinse first to decrease amount of sodium)
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