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To find and watch your DPP video lessons via a web browser on your computer, please follow these instructions.  (You can find the instructions for the Retrofit mobile app here)


1)  Head to and log in to your Retrofit Dashboard.

2)  Click the "Group" tab on your "Dashboard":


3)  Locate the Diabetes Prevention Video Lessons box on the right side (as pictured below). 


4)  To watch the current week's lesson (if the current week has a lesson - not all weeks do), press the "WATCH VIDEO" button:


5)  A new page will open, showing the lesson.  Press the Start Lesson button to view that week's lesson.  Make sure to complete the entire lesson to get credit!


6)  Back on the main DPP Video Lessons page, you can also click the "See All My Diabetes Program Video Lessons" link to see all lessons (see #7 below):


7)  Here, you can re-watch previous lessons, and look ahead to see what topics are upcoming.  You cannot watch future week's lessons until the date indicated.

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