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To register for and attend a Retrofit Live Weekly Online Class, please follow these instructions.


VIA YOUR RETROFIT MOBILE APP  (see below for instructions via web browser on a computer)

1)  Open up the Retrofit App on your mobile device.  

2)  Open up the main app menu by pressing the 3 horizontal bars in the top corner:


3)  Press the "Group" option, and then press the "Meetings" option:



4)  Navigate to the current week, or the future week that you'd like to register for a Class for using the arrows at the top of the screen:


5)  Press the "Register" button.  A menu with day and time options should appear:


6)  Choose the day and time you prefer to attend a Live Online Class:


7)  Once you have selected a day and time you prefer, press the "Register" button again:


8)  You will then see a "join meeting" button appear.  At the time of your online class, come back here and press that button!  If you need to choose a new day and time, press the "change time" button.


9)  If this is the first Class you are attending on your mobile device, you will be asked to download the GoToTraining app in order to attend the class.  This is necessary to attend your Retrofit Online Class.  It is a free app.  Once the app is downloaded, you will join your Live Online Class.



1)  Head to and log in to your Retrofit Dashboard.

2)  Click the "Group" tab on your "Dashboard":


3)  Locate the Class Registration box on the right side (as pictured below).  Use the arrows at the top to locate the current week.


4)  Once on the current week's Class topic, click the register button:


5)  A new menu appears.  Click the drop down menu to see the list of all available days and times to attend Online Class that week.  Select your choice.


6)  Once you have clicked your choice of day and time, click "register":


7)  You will then be taken back to the "Group" dashboard.  You will notice that the Class Registration Box now shows the day and time you registered for (see below).  You will also notice that a "join meeting" button has appeared.  At the day and time of your meeting, click that "join meeting" button to launch the GoToTraining software and join your Live Class.

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