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We have moved to new Eligibility file specs. DO NOT use these specs anymore. Please reference Current Eligibility File Specs.

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titleNew Eligibility Format as of September 1, 2018

If implementing a new eligibility file please see New Archived Eligibility File Specs.

Eligibility File Format (Effective March 1st, 2016)

The eligibility file determines who can join Retrofit through a company plan.  The file should include everyone who is eligible and should not include anyone who is not eligible. 

File format 

  • We only accept comma-delimited (also known as CSV) or pipe-delimited text files. The first line of the file must be a header row containing the names of the different fields in the file.
  • The headers are case sensitive. Example: External ID, the ID must be in all capitals. 


titleExample of Quotes for Comma-Delimited Text
"External Id","First Name","Last Name","Email","Eligibility Type"

Header Names

 The exact names of all headers in your file must be provided to us in advance. Our system will reject the entire file if it does not recognize a header. Our system, however, is equipped to recognize 5 specific header names by default (External Id, First Name, Last Name, Email, Eligibility Type). If the header row of your file contains all of these headers and no other, and your file is a comma-delimited file, your file should not be rejected.



Header names are case-sensitive. "EMAIL" is not considered the same as "Email". 

Required headers

All files must contain headers for the following pieces of information:


titleExample Containing Required Headers with Some Fields Left Blank
"External Id","First Name","Last Name","Email","Eligibility Type"

Optional headers

The following headers and information are optional and facilitate the sign up process.

  • An address:

    • Default header names:
      • Street 1
      • Street 2
      • City
      • State
      • Postal Code
    • Depending on the field, valid characters are any capital or lowercase letter from A to Z, space ( ), period (.), apostrophe ('), and dash (-).
    • Street 2 is optional, all other fields must be present to construct a complete address.
    • The inclusion of these fields will facilitate the signup process.

  • A phone number:
    • Default header names:
      • Cell Phone
    • Valid characters for the phone number are the digits 0-9, no spaces ( ), periods (.), parenthesis (()), or dashes (-). Example of a correct phone number entry 8471234567.
    • The header name must contain one of the following values:

      • Cell (Ex. Cell Phone)

      • Mobile (Ex. Mobile Phone)
      • Home (Ex. Home Phone)
      • Work (Ex. Work Phone)
      • Office (Ex. Office Phone)
    • The header name categorizes the phone number into the appropriate type.
    • If there is no valid value for this header, it will default to 'Other'.
    • The inclusion of these fields will facilitate the signup process.

Custom headers and fields

Our system has the ability to handle custom headers and fields of your choice if you let us know in advance what they are and how we should handle them. We can either ignore the values or store them for your reporting needs. Some fields of interest to you may be information about the person's department, work location, or job type. 


titleExample Containing Some Custom Headers and Fields
"External Id","First Name","Last Name","Email","Eligibility Type","Location","Department"
"10000","Blake","Clark","","Employee","New York City","Accounts"
"10001","Gordon","Nolan",,"Dependent","San Francisco","Support"

File Upload Behavior

Adding, Updating, and Deactivating

When uploading an eligibility file, Retrofit will compare the people in the file to the people already in the eligibility system.  People are identified by the unique ID.  



Uploading a file containing only headers will deactivate all users.

Eligibility Dates

Effective dates and termination dates for eligibility are set to the upload date of the file.