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Whether you are working nights, afternoon and evenings, or on a rotating schedule, working outside of the natural daylight hours can upset your body’s “internal clock.” Your “internal clock” tells your body to be awake during the day and to sleep at night. This has a lot of implications for your health and your weight.

On this non-traditional schedule, you may find it hard to know when and what to eat. It may also be hard to find enough time to exercise regularly.


  • Change in appetite

  • Irritability and decreased tolerance to stress

  • Trouble falling asleep or getting quality sleep

  • Weight loss or weight gain

  • Cardiovascular problems

  • Constipation, diarrhea, gas

  • Indigestion, heartburn or stomach ulcers

  • Strain on interpersonal and family relationships

The Good news: By prioritizing yourself and your health, you can avoid


most of these



Follow these tips to stay healthy, alert, and feel your best at work and at home: