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*Always keep in mind the principles of the Balanced Plate:  50%


non-starchy vegetables, 25%


carbs and  25% lean protein. 

Here are some suggested soft foods, if you are in the need of a soft food meal plan.  Use the Retrofit Food Groups resource for appropriate serving sizes:


Non-Starchy Vegetables (50% of your plate):

Applesauce, unsweetened
Pureed fruit - smoothie with fresh fruit and low fat Greek yogurt (including protein)
Avocado - mash with low fat Greek yogurt (including protein)
Mashed banana (mix with peanut butter or almond butter for protein)

*All can be pureed
Steamed squash
Canned carrots (rinse first to decrease the amount of sodium)

Canned peaches or pears (canned in water or their own juice)


Proteins (25% of your plate):


Ricotta Cheese, low fat or fat free
Grains Carbs (25% of your plate):
Steel Cut Oats/Oatmeal