To find and complete your DPP lessons via the Retrofit Mobile App, please follow these instructions.  (You can find the instructions for a web browser on a computer here)


1)  Open up the Retrofit App on your mobile device.  

2)  Open up the main app menu by pressing the 3 horizontal bars in the top corner:


3)  Press the "Group" option, and then press the "DIABETES PREVENTION VIDEO LESSONS" option:



4)  You will see a list of DPP lessons, with the current week's lesson at the top (if the current week has a lesson - not all weeks do).  Press the current week's lesson to open it:


5)  You will see this screen once you've pressed the lesson in the app - now press Start Lesson to enter the lesson!


6)  Ensure you complete the ENTIRE lesson to get credit for it - you should see the following 2 screens at the very end:


7)  Back on the page listing all of the lessons, you can also see previous week's lessons and upcoming lessons listed.  You do have the ability to re-take previous week's lessons by pressing on that week (see below).  You cannot take future lessons for credit.